Resource Management System (RMS)

Ground Handlers with complex roster patterns whether Passenger (above wing) Ramp (below wing) and cargo ramp movement and warehouse staff management will all find efficiencies by automating rosters. With 30000+ staff using our automated and integrated rostering services (RMS) across three Continents we can certainly claim to have a robust tried and tested solution that is smart phone enabled where required. Typical Cost of labour savings can be 8%+/- depending on how efficient existing processes might be. But it’s not just a way to save staff costs, management time is also saved and with transparent on the day oversight and intervention quality is improved, compliance with training, airline accreditations (for example Load Control and DGR etc) are made easy.

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Every solution is configurable because every operation will have different Country HR laws, different Union agreements, different airport layouts, different customer requirements and SLA and so on. A key element of what Rsmart bring to the table is this awareness of your operating needs and constraints and the expertise to work with you for a customised outcome. We pride ourselves on us fitting into your operation and we don’t expect you to fit into a “cookie cutter” approach from Rsmart. Small enough to be nimble but with the deep IT and Ground Handling expertise to make a real difference to your operation.

Budgeting becomes easy, reforecasting staff costs and identifying peak time staff or skills shortages becomes factual not opinions and guesses. Answering “what if” questions is very simple –what if we win this one per day at peak time? Can we afford to lose this off peak arrival?

Rostering is a standalone module and we can integrate this into any/all your existing software or we can offer a full service adding modules for example:Leave Management mobile – meaning that leave applications become simple, building in skills and annualized hours etc including a “fairness element” and giving management the ability to intervene as requiredData capture at aircraft side and billing modules. All GHA know the risk of missing additional services performed over and above a standard turn as defined in the SGHA with each airline but capturing additional services, additional tows, second push back, GPU, FEP and etc are very easy to miss in a paper based environment. One major GHA found over 7.5% of such revenue missed in a study a few years ago.

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Aviation HR

A global Resource management application that has been designed to facilitate a changing work environment. Covers all – leave management, staff availability status, duty preferences, rest preferences, all in a simple mobile application, helps to monitor and control the service hours which links to the payroll and other systems.

Aircraft Turnaround Managment (ATM)

Flight Handling and Billing

Equipment Maintenance System – GSE / EMS

Learning Management System

PRM Handling

Lounge Management System

Meet And Assist

OutStation Management System

About Us

We are a software products and services company based out of Mumbai, India and Helsinki, Finland. Our solutions are focused to cater and serve the Aviation Industry. We have started our journey with airports in India and we are a significant player in the sector in India but have developed our customers in Europe, Caribbean and Indian Ocean as well as our first North American customer who is live with our PRM (Wheelchair service) at Toronto. Rsmart developed our portfolio of services such that we have a full service offering for any Ground handler (Above and Below wing) GSP as well as self-handling airlines and airports. We have a modular approach to business meaning customers are free to pick and choose from our “menu” and our integration skills enable full integration with proprietary and in house solutions. All services are Mobile smart phone enabled. Our business model is different to many others in that we are subscription based meaning no license to purchase or significant up front capex requirements. We have 30000+ staff on our rostering solution many of whom are integrated with our leave management and turnaround management and billing modules. Our PRM application is live in India and Canada and 20,000++ services are performed every year and recorded on our mobile enabled App.

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