We have always done it this way

Maybe it’s now finally the time to challenge the myth that manually produced rosters are highly efficient and a good use of management time.

Given the difficulty of recruiting and retaining suitable people for airside ramp or check in work maybe now is the right time to look at ways to reduce the number of staff you actually need to meet your customers SLA requirements.

The working day for ground handlers whether self-handling airlines and airports or actual ground handlers has never been as difficult. Experienced staff leaving in high numbers, difficulty to recruit suitable replacements, high cost of time to train the new team and then they leave when faced with un sociable shifts. Rsmart Automated Roster Management RMS typically reduces the numbers of staff you need, improves adherence to customer SLA and links seamlessly with your back-office systems such as Payroll, HR, Leave management, FIDS and so on.

Automating Resource planning leads to savings in headcount and significant $$$$$$ savings too

You can plan a whole year or a season allowing detailed recruitment and training plans to be drawn up in a timely and structured way enabling better budgeting and better forecasting for the remainder of the financial year.

And the jewel in the crown is on the day dynamic re-planning. In aviation we know nothing ever happens as planned. Late flight cancellations, late arrivals (early arrivals) return to gate all are managed with the “auto re-allocate” facility or management drag and drop of the right people to best achieve SLA and OTP.

Right Person right place right time Always with the reassurance that ONLY duly trained, certificated and current people will be allocated, minimum rest periods respected and SLA achieved.

Yes, we will customise to reflect your countries HR laws, Union agreements, your ethos in allocation of shifts including religious holidays for example.

Any drawbacks?

Not many and typically our customers report 14% +/- efficiency gains. Implementation can be done 100% remotely, takes 2-3 weeks of intensive work to Train your trainers but, and here is an important point, the best implementations are achieved with complete management commitment to the implementation team -no interruptions, no phone calls, no “I gotta go sort out a problem”. We need a project champion able to make or get quick decisions. We will customise as much as is practical but there will be a need for some changes to the way you operate Just the same as any new system.

I have seen the benefits for myself as I usually form part of the implementation team using my CEO and MD level expertise with a major GHA plus a good dose of common sense.

What next?

So, if you are ready to challenge the “always done it this way” point of view Get in touch We can talk you through in detail, reassure you we can integrate with your existing systems and put you in touch with happy users on three continents.

For an informal chat keith@bluechip-aviation.co.uk

For more detail and indicative pricing Rajan CBO rajan@rsmart.fi

For clever pictorial slides and more take a look at www.rsmart.fi

About the Author:

Keith is a ground handling veteran and has spent all his career in the aviation sector. With multiple C level appointments with Servisair now Swissport.  Keith brings much relevant experience. Leading a low margin business, his focus on efficiency gains combined with an obsession for quality makes Keith the perfect member of the Rsmart team for their portfolio of services for the ground handlers and for the aviation sector generally.